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More women are Choosing to Become Franchise Owners. Here’s the Story of Two Female Franchise Owners who Joined Tropical Smoothie Cafe.

There have always been female Franchise Owners, but what was once a trickle has now become a powerful river. A recent report commissioned by the International Franchise Association (IFA) shows that owning a franchise business has become more popular than ever for women. In 2017, 30.6 percent of franchises were women-owned. That’s up from 20.5 percent in 2012, a 50 percent increase.*

Reflecting this trend are two Tropical Smoothie Cafe Franchise Owners, Julie Munson and Jen Moore. We talked with them recently to hear why they chose the path they did to business ownership.

Julie Munson has grown her empire to four Tropical Smoothie Cafe locations in the suburbs of Toledo, OH. When she was first considering owning a franchise, she looked at a number of concepts and, ultimately, fell in love with Tropical Smoothie Cafe.

One of the main reasons she chose Tropical Smoothie Cafe was that the brand coincides with her active lifestyle. “I liked how the Cafes looked, and I liked the healthier-for-you food options,” she said.

She also liked the idea of having support of a franchise system behind her.

“When you have a franchisor, they supply the things that we don’t know how to do. With that framework in place, you can be successful running the business,” said Munson.

For Franchise Owner Jen Moore, the idea of owning a smoothie franchise appealed to her because it gave her greater flexibility and the chance to set her own schedule. She currently owns one Cafe in the Virginia Beach Area, with plans to open another.

Her kids, ages ten and seven, are enthusiastic about the brand too, and proudly tell their friends and teachers that their mom owns a Tropical Smoothie Cafe.

“Our family is active—we bike and run—and I could not own a brand that I was not proud of,” said Moore.

Like many successful Franchise Owners, she oversees the business, without having to be in her location every day.

“It’s rewarding to look at our sales numbers and say to my team, “Look at what we accomplished!”

That sense of accomplishment is something both Munson and Moore share. To learn more about becoming a Franchise Owner yourself, click on the LEARN MORE button above.

*Franchised Business Ownership by Minority and Gender Groups: An Update for the IFA Foundation, March 9, 2018



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