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Eat Better. Feel Better. It’s Our Mantra.

At a time when there’s more focus than ever on healthier food options and active lifestyles, Tropical Smoothie Cafe is perfectly positioned for today’s active, health-conscious, flavor-craving customers. Maybe that’s why we opened 110 Cafes in 2018 and are getting accolades as one of 2018’s fastest growing franchises.

Our fast casual concept is something you and your family can be proud to own, as you provide better-for-you options for people in your community. You can feel good about serving our great-tasting and innovative smoothies, bowls, flatbreads, wraps, and sandwiches, including our pressed sandwiches.

What really distinguishes Tropical Smoothie Cafe from the competition is our balanced mix of food and smoothies, which allows you to capitalize on multiple dayparts: breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, snacks, 3rd party delivery and catering. That mix helps drive our average ticket sales over $9.10.

So perhaps it is no surprise that in 2018, the top 50% of our franchisees had average net revenues of $938,500.*

It’s all part of our commitment to help set up our Franchise Owners for success:

  • We continue to innovate, seeking out ways to hold down costs without sacrificing quality.
  • We leverage a full spectrum of marketing tools to drive awareness, excitement, trial, and loyalty for the brand.
  • Our Tropical Rewards app allows for one-touch mobile payments, digital ordering, and loyalty program access. It’s just one of the many ways we strive to strengthen the exceptional Tropical Smoothie Cafe experience to keep customers coming back for more!
  • We have online tools in place to help Franchise Owners monitor their food costs, labor costs, and customer relations remotely.
  • And most importantly, we play to win.

Our Nutritious food and smoothies are fueling healthy growth.

Sure, the huge demand for healthier food choices drives business to our doors. But what keeps people coming back again and again is what we call the Tropical Smoothie Cafe experience. It’s our unique mix of delicious food, fun, friendly service, and a cool, beachy vibe that appeals to people of all ages. As popular as Tropical Smoothie Cafe has become, there’s still plenty of room to grow. We have many territories available, giving you the opportunity to own, and dominate, your market. Download our brochure

Image of some of Tropical Smoothie Cafe’s menu items, including a toasted flatbread, a smoothie, a toasted wrap, and a toasted sandwich.Photos of Tropical Smoothie Cafe menu offerings

Why be bland when you can be bold?

People’s taste buds have gotten more sophisticated, and bold flavors are in demand! At Tropical Smoothie Cafe, pesto, wasabi, chipotle, hummus, and Jamaican jerk are exciting flavor profiles we feature as food preferences go global. Spinach, kale, avocado, and superfruits like goji berries and acai are revving up our fruit smoothies. Our on-staff Chef and Nutritionist are always looking for what’s new and noteworthy to satisfy our customers’ cravings for bold flavors that awaken the senses. Throughout the year, we introduce new flavors to our customers and drive sales to our Cafes with limited-time offerings. View our full menu.

Smiling Customers ordering food and smoothies in a pleasant atmosphere

Feed people well. Treat people well. Do well.

At a time when everything seems to be getting more complex, we’ve created a business model that’s incredibly simple to run. Our development costs are low, but our food and smoothies are high quality, winning brand fans everywhere we go. Our customers love to hang out in our restaurants, and our employees enjoy working here, which helps you attract and retain a higher-quality staff. We’ve done away with the most costly elements of food prep–there’s no bread baking, fryers, or hoods, which keeps development costs low. Instead, there are just high-powered blenders, a convection oven, and our fresh, delicious ingredients. And from this simple model, we create high-quality food, loaded with flavor that keeps our customers coming back for more. Because our Cafes are easier to operate and our training is so comprehensive, you can use your skills to connect with your customers and mentor a staff that’s young, high-energy, and passionate about the brand.

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