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Eat better. Feel better. It’s our mantra.

At a time when there’s more focus than ever on healthier food options and active lifestyles, Tropical Smoothie Cafe is perfectly positioned to become #1 in our category:

  • A fun, friendly concept with a better business model with a smoothie and food menu that supports all dayparts and promotes a $9.10/person average ticket
  • 7 consecutive years of same-store sales totaling more than 48%
  • A loyal customer base at 740+ Cafes coast-to-coast, with 417 Cafes opened in the last 5 years
  • Online tools allow you to monitor food and labor costs and maintain customer relations remotely

So perhaps it is no surprise that in 2018, the top 50% of our franchisees had average net revenues of $938,500.*

We’re making connections face-to-face and phone-by-phone.

Customers who come into their local Tropical Smoothie Cafe tell us they love the personal touch they get from our friendly team members. They might start making your favorite smoothie the minute your walk in the door. Or ask you how your kids are doing as they bring you your usual order of an Island Green smoothie and Chicken Bacon Ranch flatbread. Giving our loyal customers what they want has also come in the form of technology that makes people’s lives easier. Because let’s fact it, our devices rarely leave our side.

With that in mind, Tropical Smoothie Cafe’s recent investments in technology are paying off. Our Tropical Rewards app helps people get in and out quicker through faster service. And when the experience is better, people will come back more often, driving your sales.

“Tropical Smoothie Cafe is dedicated to bettering the lives of others through their food, their products, and the way they do business.”
Mike Shattuck, Franchise Owner

It’s not a position. It’s a passion.

Our franchisees understand the importance of incredible customer service and community outreach. They value innovation, creativity, and a competitive mindset. We play to win, and we have fun doing it.

If you have the following qualifications, we want to hear from you:

  • $125,000 in liquid assets and a minimum net worth or $350,000.
  • The ability to invest between $246,500 and $580,500.

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