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Technology Helps Tropical Smoothie Cafe Stay Smart

Many people would agree that Senior Business Intelligence Analyst sounds like an impressive title, but explaining why may be a more complicated task. Simply put, they absorb data and use it to the benefit of a business. Whether determining the success of a promotion or helping to create best practices, data can help a business understand what works, what doesn’t, and how to be efficient with planning and spending.

This is particularly important in the crowded franchise industry. With 781,991 franchised units across the US*, anything a brand can do to stay ahead of competition and be strategic with where they are allocating resources is pivotal. Tropical Smoothie Cafe understands this pressure and has put together a Support Center team, one of which is Avi Leibovitch.

With a background in operations, supply chain, and finance, he is a data expert. Analyzing spreadsheets and crunching numbers allow him to be privy to the sales and transaction data of all the 550+ Cafes across the United States. He uses this data to analyze comp sales, comparing geography and seasonality to identify trends. The advanced systems the brand uses allow leadership to make smart decisions based on data.

When some Franchise Partners had hesitancy about promoting the Tropical Smoothie Cafe mobile app for instance, Avi and his team were able to share sales data of locations using the app and show the positive effect it had on their business performance. “Consumer behavior changed when you factor in-app usage and average checks increased,” said Leibovitch.

Working to streamline the Grand Opening process for new Cafes, Tropical Smoothie pulled a year’s worth of data to see how operational and marketing changes had impacted opening sales. “Our approach to Grand Openings has changed in the past couple of years, and our year-over-year data shows that we are opening Cafes stronger with our most recent initiatives. Cafes are seeing stronger sales not only on opening day, but in the first 30, 60, and 90 days. Cafe ramp up is critical to their success,” Leibovitch said.

As much as Avi digs data, his favorite part about his job is the people. “Tropical Smoothie Cafe’s franchise team are all about what they do. It creates a positive culture with a family, start-up feel. We work hard for our Franchise Partners and love contributing to their success,” Leibovitch said.

*Franchise Direct, U.S. Franchise Industry Statistics, 2015

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