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Staci Lastinger Builds Lasting Relationships during Grand Openings

There’s a lot that happens between being awarded a franchise and opening your doors to the public. While many franchise brands offer build-out and construction assistance to their Franchise Owners, Tropical Smoothie Cafe goes one step further by having a dedicated team to assist in Grand Opening and first year efforts. Meet Staci Lastinger.

Staci previously worked on an eCommerce team, helping with marketing and eMarketing, followed by a short stint in eCommerce recruiting. Next, she joined Tropical Smoothie Cafe where she worked on their National Brand Team before moving on to being an expert for all things Grand Openings.

Day-to-day, she stays in close communication with Franchise Owners and the PR team about all facets of Grand Opening promotions. Putting together a plan, working on paid media promotions, and handling the details of construction are all in a day’s work. She also helps Franchise Owners understand the importance of relationship building and being vested in their markets, telling them “Put your boots to the ground and prove your commitment to the community. Once people see that, they are more likely to visit your Cafe.”

In addition, she works closely with Franchise Owners throughout their first year to help ensure their success. In emerging markets where the brand has less than ten Cafes, Lastinger determines how to increase sales, plan coupon blitzes and product opportunities to hype and grow the brand. She loves talking to Franchise Owners and finds that building partnerships is key to her role. She relies on them as trade area experts and they rely on her as their marketing expert.

Her dedication pays off in the success of the Cafes she has worked with. The Fountain Valley Cafe stands out in particular. Set in an active neighborhood near a high school and a senior center, she worked tirelessly before the opening to introduce the brand to the market with everything from product samplings to talking with the Chamber of Commerce. “It was my proudest moment to see how successful they were on opening day,” she said.

“Tropical Smoothie Cafe is committed to helping our Franchise Owners be as successful as they can and I love being a part of that,” Lastinger said.

Rest assured that people like Staci and the rest of the stellar team will be your support as you start on the path to owning your own Tropical Smoothie Cafe.


Fountain Valley Grand Opening

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