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Tropical Smoothie Cafe Franchise Propels Brand Refresh With Nationwide Rollout of New Restaurant Design

Tropical Smoothie Cafe, the leading fast casual cafe concept known for its better-for-you food and smoothies with a tropical twist, recently kicked off a prominent brand refresh in an effort to reflect the company’s evolution since its founding in 1997. The rebranding is propelled by the rollout of a new restaurant design at Tropical Smoothie Cafe locations nationwide, which exudes a relaxed coastal atmosphere and was designed to enhance the consumer experience and better align the dining environment with the brand’s culture.


“As Tropical Smoothie Cafe continued growing and evolving over the past several years, it became obvious to us that our brand’s image needed to follow suit. We launched this rebranding in an effort to ensure every location nationwide reflects our company’s vibrant and engaging personality while communicating the right message to consumers, and we’re thrilled that our new restaurant design has accomplished that goal,” said Mike Rotondo, chief executive officer of Tropical Smoothie Cafe. “Unveiling the new design successfully invigorated the face of our brand and helped us create a dining experience that truly conveys the essence of Tropical Smoothie Cafe, and we look forward to introducing the concept to more and more fans as we continue bringing the new look to communities throughout the country.”


The new restaurant design has a coastal theme with muted, warm colors and worn wood and metals to provide guests with a relaxed atmosphere. Design elements reinforce transparency in regards to food preparation, with an open concept kitchen as well as a smoothie bar where customers can watch the creation of their smoothies. According to company research, the new design brings in 10 percent more first time visitors, as well as increased existing guests’ visit frequency by 28 percent, reflecting how the redesign has positively impacted sales and customer retention.


“We know that for our guests comfort is key, which is why all of the new restaurant design elements were put in place to ensure that we provide the perfect environment for enjoying our signature better-for-you options in a comfortable and warm atmosphere,” said Tom Plauche, director of construction for Tropical Smoothie Cafe. “From the community-style seating to the brand-new smoothie bar, no detail was overlooked during the design process, and we are thrilled to unveil a new look that embodies everything Tropical Smoothie Cafe believes in.”


In addition to a restaurant redesign, the rebranding also included a more modern and sophisticated logo. The new logo reinforces the continued evolution and accelerated growth of the Topical Smoothie Cafe brand, and reminds guests that the cafe’s offerings extend beyond smoothies. According to a company research, the rebranding has built confidence among consumers that Tropical Smoothie Cafe’s is not only a destination for smoothies, but better-for-you, high quality food.


“Since unveiling the new look, the reception from customers who have visited our remodeled cafes has been overwhelming positive and we’re thrilled with the results,” said Nick Crouch, Tropical Smoothie Cafe franchisee. “The coastal theme and new design elements have created an enjoyable atmosphere that keeps guests coming back for more, and the redesign has had a huge impact on our business.”



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