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Glen Johnson’s Path to Building a Franchise Empire

glen johnson

As a Tropical Smoothie Cafe Franchise Owner, Glen Johnson is well on his way to building an empire. With 22 Cafes open and 20-30 more planned in the next five years, his commitment to the brand is evident. His path to success began in commercial real estate.


While working as a broker, Glen dreamed of making a positive impact in his small town. He considered opening a food franchise but was disappointed with the options–one unhealthy concept after another. That all changed when he visited a Tropical Smoothie Cafe. Amidst the buzzing blenders and the smoothie sippers, he fell in love with the positive energy of the brand and opened his first location soon after.


The Cafe was well received in his neighborhood, earning him regular high fives and earnest thank-yous from his customers. Offering delicious food items, in addition to their trademark smoothies, helped to set him apart from other smoothie franchise concepts and appealed to a wide variety of customers, helping all dayparts to be successful.


He soon began opening additional Cafes using his background in commercial real estate to understand the makings of a successful location. As he grew, he transitioned from owner-operator, being involved in the day-to-day of the Cafe, to assembling teams to run locations. Hiring was easier than expected with people wanting to work with the hip brand, and he soon became an expert at getting crews in place.


Five years later, Glen still loves the challenge of growing sales, recruiting people, and the reward of impacting peoples’ lives. Tropical Smoothie Cafe is committed to their Franchise Owners, and Glen has benefited from their hands-on training and coaching, as well as innovative offerings. Between the limited time offers and a mobile app to increase customer engagement, there is always something new happening.


While other food franchises scramble to update their menu to meet the demand for healthier alternatives, Tropical Smoothie Cafe leads the pack. “Everyone else is trying to be us and wants to be a healthier food franchise, but we already are,” Johnson said.


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