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Tropical Smoothie Cafe Franchise CEO Visits Young Fans

TSC Young Fans VisitWith 500 locations open in 38 states, Tropical Smoothie Cafe is a busy business. But, when CEO, Mike Rotondo received letters from two different kids, he was intrigued.

The first letter came from Emma Merkel, a ten year old from Michigan. A Tropical Smoothie brand fan, Merkel wrote about always ordering the Jetty Blast smoothie without bananas, but wanting to try something new. Afraid she wouldn’t like other flavors and would be wasting her money, she suggested a smoothie sample bar where people could taste test different flavors.

Rotondo was impressed with her letter and decided to reach out to her. Heading to Michigan himself, he decided to meet Merkel at a Cafe and sampled smoothies with her and her family. The smoothie sample bar proved a successful experience and though she enjoyed many flavors, Emma plans to order Island Green next time she visits.

The next letter came from Christine Freund, a sixth grader at Simle Middle School in Bismarck, North Dakota. She wrote the letter to Tropical Smoothie Cafe as part of a persuasive writing assignment for her class. Instructed to choose a business they would like to see opened in their city, students then wrote letters to the company CEOs, stating their hopeful request.

A few weeks after sending her letter, Freund received a response from Rotondo. On Monday, May 16th, Rotondo visited Freund’s Middle School and gave a presentation on how student entrepreneurs need to be curious, bold, and brave. Rotondo said, “This young girl did her homework, researching competitive activity, consumer demand, and opportunity. I needed to make the trek to meet the young woman who I hope to one day have on my development team!”

Taking time in business to make moments matter with customers is what Tropical Smoothie Cafe is all about. Watch the full video of Emma and the smoothie sample bar here. And learn more about Mike Rotondo’s trip to Simle Middle School here.

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