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Franchise Owner Bobbilyn Lynn is on the Road to Realizing her Dreams

Bobbilyn Lynn acknowledges that her name is quite unique, but her love for the Tropical Smoothie Cafe is common among our many fans. She first learned about the brand when she traveled with her kids to their away sporting games. Because they are all involved in sports, she wanted to find a place serving healthy food while they were on the road. Sometimes, the family’s quest for a Tropical Smoothie Cafe had them driving an hour out of their way to find one, but it was worth it each time!

“We traveled to nine different states and went to the Tropical Smoothie in each of them. It was always fun and inviting, and the food was top-notch,” said Bobbilyn.

Perhaps it was because she had a lot of time to think while traversing the miles, but she began to hatch a plan about leaving her corporate career and starting her own business. Coming from a family of entrepreneurs, she dreamed of finding a business she could be passionate about. She started researching franchises online, and it was meant to be as Tropical Smoothie Cafe came up in her searches.

“Of all the franchises I contacted, Tropical Smoothie Cafe was the only one that was responsive to me,” said Bobbilyn. As she got farther along in the process, she spoke to more than fifty Franchise Owners about their experiences with the brand.

“What I heard from them was very consistent. They were enthusiastic about the brand and happy about owning a Tropical Smoothie Cafe. They said that the financial rewards would be there for me.”

Now as she prepares to open her first Cafe in Pittsburgh, PA, she hopes to bring better-for-you food and smoothies to the members of her community.

“My location is close to the airport, shopping, colleges, hospitals and a number of corporate headquarters. It’s perfect,” said Bobbilynn.

To learn more about how you can realize your dreams of owning a Tropical Smoothie Cafe, click LEARN MORE at the top of the page.

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