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Why Own A Franchise with Healthier Offerings?

70% of adults say the availability of healthy menu options would make them choose one restaurant over another

The old adage for anyone looking to start a business is “find a need, then fill it.” With today’s consumers, a better answer might be to identify the various “wants” from the widest base of consumers and then see how your business can deliver on their preferences.


Food Franchises with Healthier Offerings is a Growing Trend

When it comes to the food that people are buying and eating these days, consumers at every age say they value healthier food–with nuances like sustainable and local also swaying their food choices. They also value convenience and want things fast. Foods that are portable and healthier, like smoothies, are enjoying a huge popularity with everyone from school kids, to soccer moms, to yoga grannies. And the fast-casual segment seems to be winning the day.

In the 2017 Consumer Trends Forecast, one of the key trends was that “healthy intentions are starting to drive healthier orders, even away from home.” A 2017 State of the Industry Report found that 70% of adults say the availability of better-for-you menu options would make them choose one restaurant over another. In a Food and Beverage Trends for 2019 article, it states that it is an optimal time for restaurants to offer product varieties that include fruit, vegetables or herbal ingredients with relaxing properties.

Another food trend to keep your eye on along with the incorporation of fruit and veggies is big, bold flavors that get inspiration from tropical climates. Unique flavors, healthier choices, quick service and a fun environment are where people’s heads are at these days. The most successful food franchises will be those who heed what their customers want, healthier choices, and then fulfill it.


Tropical Smoothie Cafe: A Healthier Food Franchise

Tropical Smoothie Cafe has a variety of healthier menu options, which not only attract the increasingly health-minded consumer, but prevent a “veto vote” in larger groups with mixed dietary goals. For calorie-conscious consumers, we offer more than 25 delicious, nutritious menu items under 500 calories, including our Chicken Pesto Flatbread and Thai Chicken Salad. Tropical Smoothie provides several gluten-friendly-options. And vegetarians are pleased to find that many of our items can be made to accommodate them too.

At Tropical Smoothie Cafe, we are guided by the belief that when you eat better, you feel better, which is why we use real, better-for-you ingredients in our smoothies and food. It’s also why we get creative about making healthier foods taste delicious. And why we’re always excited to introduce new tropical fruits, vegetables and spices which give familiar foods a unique taste that’s all our own. We also love them for their nutritional benefits.


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